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Since 1919, Allison Abrasives has maintained its position as the leader in abrasive cutoff wheels. Allison manufactures the most complete line of engineered abrasive cutting wheels in the world. A full range of cutoff wheel diameters, through 63 (1600mm), are manufactured at our Lancaster, KY facility.

Allison Abrasives manufactures wheels in rubber, rubber resin, and resin bond types. Allison Abrasives also manufactures a line of rubber-bonded regulating wheels used in centerless grinding.

Allison Abrasives engineers abrasive cutoff wheels to specific customer needs. When an application needs a fast, optimum quality of cut, and a cost effective solution, Allison can engineer a product. Allison Products range from cutting titanium and high temperature alloy billets to slicing very small sections of metal to be mounted, polished, and studied under a microscope in a metallurgical laboratory.

No material is too difficult. Allison Abrasives has engineered cutoff wheels for titanium, nickel, waspaloy, hastelloy, moon rock and other exotic materials.

Applications include cutoff wheels for primary metals, cutoff wheels for foundries, cutoff wheels for investment casters, cutoff wheels for railroads, cut off wheels for tubing and pipe, cutoff wheels for bars and virtually any other metal application.

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WARNING: Comply with current ANSI B7.1 safety requirements and OSHA. Failure to comply can result in serious physical injury.