WARNING: Grinding & cut-off wheels are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS when USED IMPROPERLY! Comply with ANSI B7.1 safety requirements and OSHA. A copy of ANSI B7.1 safety requirements will be sent to you by Allison Abrasives upon your request.

  • Read machine operating instructions.
  • Wear appropriate personal safety items.
  • Keep machine (and coolant, if applicable) clean.
  • Ensure wheel flanges are in good condition.
  • Ensure machine guards are in good condition and in place.
  • Use proper wheel-mounting procedure.
  • Operate within rated machine capacity.
  • Clamp work securely.
  • Close door before starting.
  • Do not open wheel access door while machine is running.

The above safety tips are not all-inclusive. Be sure to check with ANSI B7.1 safety requirements before using your Allison Abrasives grinding or cut-off wheels.

For Your Information

It is not necessary to use paper blotters with abrasive cutting wheels. They may be used between the wheel and the machine flanges for dry cutting applications. However, it is recommended that blotters NOT be used for wet cutting applications because wet pieces of blotter may adhere to the machine flanges. This will cause uneven contact with the wheel and may result in wheel breakage.


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The following Grinding Wheel Institute publications are available to you through Allison Abrasives. Write or call us to obtain copies, or click here to e-mail us your request.

  • A.N.S.I. B7.1 Safety requirements for the use, care and protection of abrasive wheels
  • Safety Recommendations for Abrasive Wheel Operation
  • Cutting-Off Wheels
  • Special Speeds for Grinding Wheels
  • Handling, Storage and Inspection of Grinding Wheels
  • Portable Grinding Machines - Safe & Efficient Operation

Proper care of abrasive wheels will result in efficient cutting.

  • Unpack immediately; do not leave in shipping box.
  • Store flat on a smooth, rigid surface in a dry room.
  • Do not hang on wall.
  • Do not store on edge.
  • Do not store in damp area.

WARNING: Comply with current ANSI B7.1 safety requirements and OSHA. Failure to comply can result in serious physical injury.

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